How extensive is the pandemic? Lessons learned

Cruise ship experience shows more symptomless SARS-COV-2

The following article written by Dawn O’Shea for Univadis Medical News is a clinical summary of a research conducted by Alvin Ing, Christine Cocks, and Jeffery Peter Green.  The researchers describe the first instance of complete COVID-19 testing of all passengers and staff of an isolated cruise ship during the pandemic. According to the RT-PCR test, 59% […]

How extensive is the pandemic? Is it really that deadly? Lessons learned

Why you haven’t caught COVID-19 yet

Update 5/30/2020: We just checked the video today and found that it has been taken down [In a previous press release, YouTube CEO said that any video that presents viewpoints that challenges WHO will be banned from the platform. This is not a new experience. To know more, read The Pandemic Of Censorship]. We have […]

Is a lockdown necessary? How extensive is the pandemic?

Professor lockdown: The good and the bad

Professor Neil Ferguson is well known around the world for his work as an infectious disease epidemiologist, and for his model that led to the UK’s abandonment of its collective immunity approach. Today, Ferguson’s model is widespread and it is used in many countries to estimate how many individuals could be infected and seriously ill if […]

Lessons learned Are the tests really accurate? How extensive is the pandemic? The significance of host resistance

USC-LA County antibody suggests true COVID-19 infections higher than official count

The preliminary results of the University of Southern California and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health suggests that around 2.8% to 5.6% of adults in the county population (that’s roughly 221,000 to 442,000 adults) have already been infected by the coronavirus. This is the second antibody study to come out with the same conclusion […]

Are the tests really accurate? How extensive is the pandemic? The significance of host resistance

What can an antibody study teach us about COVID-19?

The following article is an interview between Neeraj Sood  [Sood is lead investigator of the study discussed in the article USC-LA County Antibody Suggests True COVID-19 Infections Higher Than Official Count ] and Leigh Hopper. In it, Sood explains to us why it is important to conduct antibody studies vis-a-vis PCR tests. He also discusses about the selection […]

How extensive is the pandemic? Philippine Developments

90-95% of COVID-19 cases in Cebu are asymptomatic

In this first article published last April 25, 2020 article by the Cebu Daily News, it was revealed that a majority of those who tested positive for the new coronavirus do not exhibit any symptoms. Of the 411 COVID cases in Cebu (as of April 25, data has already changed as of writing), 209 came from the […]

Philippine Developments How extensive is the pandemic?

Health expert recommends antibody testing for Barangay Luz in Sitio Zapatera

Cover image from Philippine Star: On April 16, 2020, the Department of Health  (DOH) in Central Visayas decided to stop testing and contact tracing in Barangay Luz after 21 individuals from the subvillage was found to be COVID-19 positive. According to DOH, the area is considered “contaminated” as community transmission of the virus is […]

Truth to Action How extensive is the pandemic? Lessons learned

Death Rate, Science, Lockdown, Fear, the “New Normal”, Vaccines, Social Control and the Immune System

This article is Part 1 of the Truth To Action Series. Read Part 2 here. Overview There is a complex and convoluted relationship between death rate or case fatality rate (CFR), science, lockdown, fear, the “new normal”, vaccines, social control, and the human immune system. It is one of the key tasks of this website […]

Is a lockdown necessary? How extensive is the pandemic?

COVID-19 growth rates declining worldwide

The following article summarizes the results of the study conducted by Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, an Israeli scientist, military general, and politician.  According to Ben-Israel’s research, COVID-19 spreads at an exponential rate at the beginning, but patterns around the world show that the spread moderates in a few weeks, and then ultimately fades after 8 weeks. […]

How extensive is the pandemic?

Mapping the global spread of the coronavirus

How many people around the world are infected by the SARS-COV-2? How many countries have been affected since the virus was first reported in January 2020?  The link below shows a daily update of the coronavirus cases worldwide categorized per country. Note that data found on site excludes the 712 cases and 10 deaths, all […]