June 25, 2024

Japan’s Former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Apologizes At Massive Protest Against the WHO


The Japanese protest against the World Health Organization on May 31, 2024, opened with a speech from Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications and a current member of the House of Representatives. Haraguchi said, “I apologize to all of you. So many have died, and they shouldn’t have.”

In his speech, Haraguchi shared his health struggles after receiving the COVID-19 shots. He also revealed that he is not the only one who has suffered adverse effects from the “vaccines.” He also talks about the ongoing censorship of individuals who speak out against the COVID shots and the illogical ban imposed on ivermectin which could have saved lives. He says, “Why [did the government ban Ivermectin]? Because they are cheap. They don’t want it because it will interfere with the sales of the vaccines.” [These same words were also expressed by Chris Cuomo, a former CNN host who used to criticize those promoting ivermectin openly. Read Chris Cuomo Makes Ivermectin About Face, Says Medical Community Gave Bad Information About the Drug].

Editor’s Note: Sadly, people had to experience devastating illness from the COVID shots before they finally believe what many experts have been saying: COVID shots are dangerous [also read Pfizer’s Assassin Vaccine, Pro-Vax Cardiologist Shifts Stance, Calls For The Immediate Suspension of COVID Shots, Pfizer Document Awakened Pro-Vax Dr. John Campbell, Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons for Mass Genocide].

We hope that the next time this happens, governments will know that injecting large numbers of people with an experimental vaccine is not the way to go. We hope that people will also be capable of detecting lies and propaganda and refuse to be subjected to freedom-curtailing policies. We hope that in the case of another “pandemic,” people will begin to question policies that promote discrimination.

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