May 27, 2024

Rethinking Bird Flu Health Response: The Call for Sustainable Practices


Salatin argues that instead of mass euthanasia, allowing bird flu to run its course and breeding survivors for natural immunity is a better approach. He suggests reducing flock sizes and using mobile shelters to maintain healthier chickens. Salatin criticizes the USDA and industry for blaming external factors rather than addressing the flaws in concentrated animal feeding operations. He cautions against fearmongering over bird flu, advocating for a balanced perspective and thorough investigation into potential conflicts of interest.

Editor’s note: Fearmongering over bird flu is counterproductive and diverts attention from more pressing global health issues. By focusing excessively on doomsday scenarios, we risk misallocating resources and fostering unnecessary panic. This approach can distort public perceptions and priorities, leading to hasty and potentially harmful decisions, like overreliance on vaccines. Not to mention that panic allows vested interests to exploit the situation, pushing for solutions that may not address the root causes. Avoiding undue fearmongering is essential to maintain a balanced and effective response to health challenges. [See also: Expert Fearmonger: BIRD Flu Being Postured To Become the Next Scamdemic, Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics]

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