July 24, 2024

Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics

Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics

The following article from The Guardian shows us that our individual choices have an impact on health and the overall wellbeing of nations. 

Authors Jonathan Safran Foer and Aaron Gross reveal to us that the emergence of COVID-19 is not unique, and that it is likely to happen again. Foer and Gross tells the story of the H1N1 (swine flu) and H5N1 (bird flu), both of which were inadvertently bred in factory farms. If COVID-19 truly came from a marketplace in Wuhan, China, then wild-life farming and the consumption of wild life is the source of our concern.

The authors stress that if we want to reduce the risk of pandemics, we must put a spotlight on the health of animals. The solution is to close factory farms and to engage in a food system that is low impact and sustainable. 

Editor’s Note: The link between factory farming and pandemics is strong, and once again, governments are called to make a stand: will they finally choose human wellbeing over economic profit? 

COVID-19 has called into question our lifestyle choices, as well as the very foundation of our societies. The solution to our problem is not a vaccine, but rather, the drastic change in the way we live our lives.

As long as we support industries that disrespect life, those that pillage our natural resources in exchange for money, we will bring about diseases of different forms. 
When COVID-19 halted societies, we were given the chance to reassess our lives. Now that things are slowly coming back to normal, can we say that we are ready to make transformational decisions or will we continue our old way of life as if nothing happened? 

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