May 27, 2024

Allison Neitzel, who gained attention for criticizing Aaron Rodgers over COVID misinformation, is not listed as a licensed physician in the National Provider Identifier Standard. Thacker’s investigation reveals that outlets like MedPage Today, Mother Jones, and NBC have falsely portrayed Neitzel as a medical expert. Thacker argues that the media’s portrayal of Neitzel exemplifies how misinformation experts can be fabricated to support certain narratives and policies, particularly those aligned with the Biden administration.

Editor’s note: This revelation about Neitzel highlights an issue in the media’s portrayal of who “misinformation experts” are. This situation underscores the urgent need for credibility and accuracy in the individuals presented as experts. The hypocrisy of someone falsely claiming medical credentials to combat misinformation only damages public trust. Popular news and media outlets must verify the credentials of those they platform, as credibility is essential in the fight against genuine misinformation. [See also: WEF Leaders More Worried About “Misinformation” Than War or Poverty, Vaccine Cover-up: CDC Added Misinformation Labels to Accurate Articles, Internal Emails Show]

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