June 20, 2024

WEF Leaders More Worried About “Misinformation” Than War or Poverty


The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024 identifies “misinformation and disinformation” and extreme weather events, not war or poverty as the two most severe short-term threat. The report is based on the WEF’s Global Risks Perception Survey which is participated on by nearly 1,500 global experts from the academe, business, government, the international community, and civil society. Read the full report here.

Editor’s Note: This report is clear proof that the WEF and its network are disconnected from the world’s reality. Their projections are based only on what they care about, and it makes no effort to learn about the true issues on the ground. No wonder their policy “suggestions” are so out of touch.

This report is important because it will tell us about the WEF’s priorities over the next decade. They will find ways to push their “solutions” on governments in order for their rich members to profit from our misery. We must remember: their goal is for the whole world to conform so that they can implement their plans that were designed to benefit themselves.

They may have the money to bully our governments into agreeing, but they do not have the numbers. If more of us resist their sinister plan to enslave humanity, the government will be forced to listen.

This is the reason why “misinformation and disinformation” is at the top of the WEF’s concerns. Already, truth is coming out on the internet, leading to massive resistance rallies. [Resistance is working, just ask the Germans. Read FARMER REVOLT IN GERMANY MORE MASSIVE AND EFFECTIVE THAN REPORTED IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA. An Eyewitness Account from a German Executive]. They plan to curtail our right to speak out by muddling and engineering truth. We must keep our focus: we are now in an information war, and we are winning. We must expect their rebuttal, so we have to stay strong, together.

This is the very motivation we have here at CCH. We continue to curate content because we know that AI-driven censorship is coming. We are starting to prepare our systems for this, hence forcing us to consider new platforms for our reporting. Many of you, our readers, are still on Facebook, and in order to reach you, we have tried to reopen Facebook pages over and over. Over and over, too, our pages have been systematically censored. Hence, we now ask for your help. We continue to manage a Facebook group, but that will not be sustainable. We urge you to follow us in our other accounts, in Rumble, Telegram, and of course, X. Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated with global news. And later, when we are ready, we shall launch a new website designed to be a repository of hope. We hope to see you there. [And oh, for those who would like to explore the topic of this article further, we recommend reading this article from The Defender.]

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2 thoughts on “WEF Leaders More Worried About “Misinformation” Than War or Poverty

  1. I like this factual comment: “They may have the money to bully our governments into agreeing, but they do not have the numbers” Its People’s Power. It will be good if people were not addicted to money anymore because the globalist Rothschild once said: “Give me control over the money supply of a nation, and I don’t care who makes the laws”.

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