April 12, 2024

In this article for his website, Michel Chossudovsky refreshes an article he wrote during the height of the 2007-2009 global economic crisis to give us an overview of the crisis we are facing now. He dubs the ongoing crisis as the “most serious economic and social crisis in world history”.

The article discusses the critical importance of food, water, and fuel as fundamental necessities for human survival and the reproduction of societal structures. It highlights how the control of these resources by a small number of global corporations and financial institutions has led to devastating economic and social consequences, including famine and mass impoverishment in various regions of the world.

Editor’s Note: That the plan to control all of humanity has been in place for a long time is apparent in the fact that the issues raised by Chussodovsky in 2008 are still the same issues we have today. The scale of the problem has become bigger, as globalists have found a way to coopt our governments and convince millions of people to live in fear for their lives.

Chussodovsky brings home the reality of a grim future for all of humanity if we continue to allow money and powerful elites to rule over us. Their dreams for the future do not include the total liberation of humanity from the gripping cycles of poverty, hunger, and instability.

We will only be able to free ourselves from the programmed matrix if we break free from this world ruled by money, convenience, and materialism. When we begin to rediscover the wisdom of the old traditions, to trust in the power of the human being and of nature to provide and heal, then we will be free of the clutches of the globalists seeking to commercialize all that is human.

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