May 28, 2024

US Blocks UN Resolution Demanding For Ceasefire in Gaza


In this December 9, 2023 article for Reuters, Michelle Nichols reports that the US has vetoed the United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution demanding for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

According to Nichols, the US and Israel oppose a ceasefire because they believe it would only benefit Hamas.

Editor’s Note: What could Palestine give the US and Israel to stop the war, when Israel is intent on destroying Hamas, without regard for any human life that might be destroyed in the process? If the US can veto a UN Security Council Resolution that has widespread support from countries, what does that say about the world’s power dynamics?

In as much as Hamas has terrorized the people of Israel, Israel has terrorized the rest of the world. By supporting Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Palestine, the US has shown its true colors. Whereas in the Ukraine war, their press release was that it was protecting Ukraine from the Russian bully. Now it is clear that the US protects only those countries it has an interest in. It cares not for peace or human life. [See BEWARE: FAKE NARRATIVES IN THE WAR IN GAZA!, The al-Ahli Hospital Bombing, Genocide and Nuclear Apocalypse, IT’S COMPLICATED BUT CLEAR. Continued Genocide in Gaza will Force Hezbollah to Attack Israel, Triggering Other Nations to Go to War. Nuclear Holocaust is on the Horizon].

Current reports from Israel say that 61% of deaths in Gaza airstrikes are Civilians, not Hamas. Meanwhile, the UN has found that half of Gaza’s population is starving because conditions in the area have made it impossible to acquire food supplies beyond the border. In a recent declaration, Human Rights Watch has already declared that the US is “complicit in war crimes” by continuing to “provide Israel with weapons and diplomatic cover as it commits atrocities in Gaza”.

Now we wait to see what the Western world will do. Will they go to great lengths the way they did for Ukraine? Or will they leave Palestinians to die a painful death?

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3 thoughts on “US Blocks UN Resolution Demanding For Ceasefire in Gaza

  1. If one of the country representatives to the UN has the balls to lay on the table the facts that Hamas was made by the Zionists and was intentionally given entry to Israel’s border in order to start the war with the end in sight of cleaning up Gaza of all its residents for more territories to Israel, then UN member countries could sanction Israel of raw materials needed for war, and put a safe passage for civilians to exit from the war zone. The Cabal is fond of making enemies of the state to push their plan to the governments. This reminds me of CIA treasure hunter Michael Terrence Meiring who was responsible for the bombings in Mindanao to perpetuate terrorism for whatever purpose unknown to us. To learn the Cabal’s real plan for the One World Government to happen, this link may help (note Zionist/Talmudic Jews are different from Torah Jews):

    1. There are so many ideas to unravel from this insight GGentison! It is a crume that government leaders who allow the Cabal to play with human lives.

      1. The Cabal needs people who can do such crimes/decisions without having any remorse. Its what they want that is why they subject some of these politicians to satanic initiations to destroy their consciences through the rituals. Karl Marx is a classic example of that. He was a godly man before he became a satanist, after he was initiated by a communist Rabbi Moses Hess (New World Order, the Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still). Jason Bourne is not just a movie but a reflection of MK-Ultra program of the US (Tranceformation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips). I believe, many from the Democrat Party are victims of these kind of initiations and threatened of blackmail. Many have gone through masonic initiations. That’s why Dr. Fauci never stops lying despite of facts about covid, because he wants to, his conscience is seared.

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