February 21, 2024

Will New Guardrails Set By Countries for Military AI Set Standard for AI Safety?


In this November 8, 2023 article for Wired, Will Knight reports on a new declaration signed by 31 nations to set guardrails in the military use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Though the declaration is not legally binding, Lauren Kahn, a senior research analyst at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University says that the declaration is “incredibly significant”. He adds that it could “offer a practical path toward a binding international agreement on the norms on how nations develop, test, and deploy AI in military systems”. Read the text of the declaration here.

Editor’s Note: While this new declaration is significant, its contributions to AI safety remains to be seen.

If we are to look at the current conflict in Israel and Ukraine where the US has deployed AI-assisted weapons, this declaration is nothing more than a press release if other nations do not gain the courage to enforce it among its signatories. Is this a real attempt for AI safety or is the US just setting the stage for its control of global AI regulation?

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