April 20, 2024

WHO: An Instrument of Capitalism and Corruption


In this November 2023 article for Brownstone Institute, former World Health Organization (WHO) medical officer and scientist David Bell explores the factors contributing to the corruption of the organization and public health.

Bell highlights the influence of politics, corporate interests, and inadequate regulation. It discusses the erosion of public trust, manipulation of scientific information, and conflicts of interest within the healthcare system. Bell emphasizes the need for increased transparency, ethical governance, and reforms to restore credibility and prioritize public well-being in health policies.

He closes his article with the following words: “The COVID-19 response of the international health industry, led by the WHO, impoverished the public and degraded health…Publicly funding the further erosion of freedom and basic human rights would be self-harm.”

Editor’s Note: We are grateful that even as the Philippine government is rushing to approve SB 1869 (Now hidden under the name National Disease Prevention Management Authority replacing the controversial Philippine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Control which has been pending in second reading since February 2023), a congressional hearing has already been conducted to look into the excess deaths registered during the beginning 2021 and their possible relation to the government measures implemented during the public health emergency of the past three years. This means that the combined efforts of all freedom fighters to awaken our public officials have finally borne fruit.

We need to realize, however, that the government is still set on adopting the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), and the Global Pandemic “Treaty” which is being rammed in our throats by the WHO. The congressional investigation must not stop at looking into the causes of the excess deaths. It must also look at the context of the draconian policies implemented during the height of the COVID pandemic, in order to understand the war we must now fight within our shores if we are to prevent the Philippines from further descending into medical authoritarianism.

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