May 29, 2024

The Urgent Call for Peace in the Middle East


In this article written by Liz Theoharis and republished by the Yes Magazine last November 9, 2023, Theoharis considers how the American financial and military power has been instrumental in the continued war in Gaza. She describes the harrowing condition of the Gaza, and how Israel’s disproportionate response to the Hamas attacks have caused suffering among Gazans, many of whom are children.

She calls Israel’s military actions in Gaza as a “ground invasion”, condemning the indiscriminate killing and destruction in Gaza, and the initial attempt to censure voices that spoke up for peace. She says, “There need be no contradiction between decrying terrorism and demanding diplomacy over violence”. Theoharis goes on to mentions the massive movements against war and the collective voice demanding for peace, and challenges the American government to use its influence to create lasting peace in the Middle East.

Editor’s Note: No matter what people say against Hamas or Israel, at the end of it all, the solution to the Middle East conflict is for both camps to remember that we are all humans. Continued war will only increase the suffering of Gazans, and the people of Israel will never be able to achieve peace for they will always be reminded of how their government has caused the genocide of its people.

While we agree with the cited article below, we are still amazed at how complacent Western countries are to the atrocities being conducted in Gaza, when just a year ago, they have been imposing severe economic sanctions against Russia for its military activities in Ukraine. What happened to fighting for the oppressed and dispossessed, now that it has been proven that Israel, the country of the formerly oppressed has become the oppressor?

It is clear that the US is losing its agenda for the Middle East war. We wonder what Israel’s next move will be, knowing that millions of people around the world are now speaking out against their atrocious actions in Gaza.

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