May 29, 2024

In this recently updated article for Global Research, Colin Todhunter explores the answer to the question: What was COVID really about? By looking at different points of view, Todhunter says: “COVID was a crisis of capitalism masquerading as a public health emergency”.

Editor’s Note: This article is important because it gave us a clear picture of why COVID needs to happen in order to keep the illusion of a global capitalist economy. It was a solution to a hyperinflated economy and a “clever” strategy to funnel funds from the “poorer” nations toward the “rich” nations.

The funds we funneled through our massive purchases of useless COVID vaccines are now being used to start the various wars around the world, hence enabling the West’s military-industrial complex to salvage their ailing economies. [To better understand this, we recommend you read CCH’s Framework for Following and Analyzing World Events].

There are organizations out there that are thriving and profiting from the suffering of citizens around the world. They live off our societal discord. Can you imagine how much they will lose if one day we all find the will and courage to stop all the wars in the world and to share resources?

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