June 20, 2024

Bill Gates and Other Investors Are Funding A Scheme to Chop Down 70 Million Acres of Forest in North America


In this July 28, 2023 article for Forbes, Christopher Helman discusses the controversial idea of selectively chopping down forests as a potential strategy for combating climate change.

Helman’s sources say that reforestation and afforestation alone may not be sufficient to capture carbon dioxide effectively. Instead, some experts propose managing forests through sustainable logging practices, arguing that younger, more actively growing trees can absorb carbon at a faster rate. However, this approach has generated significant debate due to concerns about biodiversity loss and the complex ecological balance of forests. The article highlights the need for a nuanced and cautious approach when considering such unconventional methods for addressing climate change.

Editor’s Note: Here is another example of hypocrisy from the world’s elite. They support the logging of old trees only because they will earn income from the practice. The initiative is not about safeguarding the environment and creating a biodiverse forest. It is all about extracting as much income as possible in the process. See how they change the science when it fits their preferred narrative?

To better understand the issues surrounding this initiative, we encourage you to read Bill Gates is funding a scheme to cut down 70 million acres of forests in North America.

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