May 30, 2024

In this January 2023 article republished by the National Post, Michael Shellenberger demystifies the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its uncanny power at “convincing” world leaders to implement its strategies for world domination. The article also looks at the history of WEF in an attempt to understand the organization’s latest marketing quips, “Own nothing, be happy” and “Great Reset”.

Shellenberger also reveals how the hierarchy within WEF has enabled Schwab to rise into power. But the “strategic use of mystery and exclusivity” within the WEF is slowly unraveling, and the organization is now facing massive criticism. This, according to Shellenberger, is the reason why “WEF has gone on the offensive against ‘disinformation’”.

Editor’s Note: This article holds a lot of relevance for us Filipinos, what with our very own president bringing a huge delegation to Davos to “woo” investors. As it turns out, it is the WEF that needs the wealth of the Philippines, not the other way around.

If the president succeeds in bringing “Davos investors” to the country, then he would be condemning us to a life worse than the 300-year rule of the Spaniards, or the covert US imperialist operation in the country [Read WEF Is Marching Us Toward A Life Of Passive Obedience, WEF’s 10 Most Chilling Vision Of The Future, The Ultimate Goal of the WEF is to Control and Change Life on Earth].

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