May 30, 2024

WHO’s Latest Powergrab Is A Threat To Freedom


This article written by John Mac Ghlionn and published by The Epoch Times summarizes the various issues surrounding the push to create a “pandemic treaty” which would enable the World Health Organization (WHO) to impose public health restrictions on any country which in turn could undermine national sovereignty.

In an interview, Francis Boyle, an expert involved in the drafting of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 commented about the pandemic treaty. He “believes that we’re heading toward ‘a worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state’ which the WHO would directly control. That’s because the IHR regulations “are specifically designed to circumvent national, state, and local government authorities when it comes to pandemics, the treatment for pandemics and also including in there, vaccines.”

Editor’s Note: People will remember that the talk about the pandemic treaty began in 2022. “They” attempted to start the power grab by sandbagging us with amendments to the International Health Regulations, but the worldwide movement for Freedom was successful at stopping the amendments from getting ratified [See BREAKING NEWS! WHO POWER GRAB STOPPED, STUNG BY MASSIVE GLOBAL RESISTANCE TO WORLDWIDE MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW, THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER, CONTINUE SIGNING OUR PETITION. IT IS OUR VOTE FOR DEMOCRACY].

But just as we said before, that win was only temporary. The negotiations for the Pandemic Treaty will begin on February 27, 2023, and will continue until 2024. So keep your voices loud, and get more people to engage in the dialogue. We will publish other articles on this website to help you better understand the various provisions of the Treaty so you can better speak about this topic to your family and friends. [And while you’re at it, make sure to also learn about the proposed bill creating the Philippine CDC. See Open Letter To Our Senators: You Must Exercise Due Diligence on the Bill Creating the Philippine CDC, Sign the Petition: Stop The DOH’s Plan To Institutionalize Pandemic Tyranny].

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