April 15, 2024

Global Pandemic Industry Has No Plans Of Returning To Normal


In this September 4, 2022 article for PANDA, Dr. David Bell, and Emma McArthur discuss the many steps being made by what they call the “Global Pandemic Industry” to prevent society’s return to normal.

They go on to reveal that the World Health Organization (WHO) is just a “bit-player in a much larger game of public-private partnerships and financial incentives that are driving the pandemic gravy train forward”.

In order to preserve public health, the authors said that the “global health community…must urgently understand the wider process that is underway and take action to stop it”.

Editor’s Note: Someone once asked us: “What profit do countries get for lying to their citizens about a disease? What benefit do they get?”

This article is just one answer to these questions. If our own government leaders are not part of this “pandemic industry”, then they have to be blind to not see that they have been played by multinational companies and international organizations that serve as puppets of multinational corporations.

This article is also important because it shows us the complex conspiracy launched against human societies to keep our place in this “pandemic gravy train”. And yet, this is not the entirety of the picture.

The attack on humanity is multifold, as you shall see in Episode 49 of our Public Seminar Series.

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