June 14, 2024

The following article was written by John Tierney and was published by the Wall Street Journal last August 18, 2022.

In it, Tierney criticizes the various policies imposed by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the recommendations of Dr. Anthony Fauci. According to Tierney, “Lockdowns and mask mandates were the most radical experiment in the history of public health…Yet these oppressive measures were taken against the long withstanding advice of public health experts, who warned that they would lead to catastrophe and were proved right”.

Tierney goes on to say, “For all the talk from officials like Dr. Fauci about following ‘the science’. these leaders ignored decades of research – as well as fresh data from the pandemic – when they set strict Covid regulations. The burden of proof was on them to justify their dangerous experiment, yet they failed to conduct rigorous analysis, preferring to tout badly flawed studies while refusing to confront obvious evidence of the policies’ failure”.

Editor’s Note: While it is refreshing to finally be vindicated, this article from WSJ is also a symptom of what is wrong in our society. Instead of looking at issues with fresh eyes and allowing our judgment to be dictated by true science, our societies, thanks to the “guidance” of our leaders who are blinded by fear, have gone the easy route through group think.

Nicanor has written an important briefing paper in April 2020 summarizing the emerging data on the pandemic and the historical data from scientific research [see COVID-19 PANDEMIC: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE. That article was submitted to then President Rodrigo Duterte with the goal of balancing the need to protect the health and welfare of our fellow Filipinos and keeping our economy alive. Despite the traction received by the briefing paper and the accompanying Open Letter to the President, Duterte refused to lift the lockdowns because no other country was going to do so. He chose to follow the pack instead of listening to the science.

His group of medical advisors who are supposed to do what we did – to look at the science vis-a-vis the situation of our people to make the right recommendation – have misled Duterte into thinking that the only way we can get out of the “pandemic” is through the “vaccines”.

Now we are seeing that these experts were wrong. Will they ever admit their contribution to this “mistake”? Or will they find a scapegoat to shift the blame?

We hope that you now realize that these so-called experts are human too. They have their own agenda which comes first before your own life and wellbeing. When it comes to health, we hope that you have now learned to take matters into your own hands. Only you have the ultimate interest in safeguarding your health.

For those who wish to further break down the WSJ article attached below, we encourage you to read this article from Dr. Madhava Setty which criticizes the two-year delay in the WSJ’s reporting of the truth.

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