April 17, 2024

Road Map For Normalcy Highlights Boosters, Masking


In this July 11, 2022 article for The Manila Times, Kristina Maralit reports on the “path to normalcy” drawn up by Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion III and the Advisory Council of Experts (ACE) which they plan on submitting to President Bongbong Marcos.

Some of the important highlights of the plan include:

  • the creation of a “traffic light” system which will be based on the “different stages of readiness, their corresponding pre-requisite metrics using health care utilization rates (HCUR) and average daily attack rate (ADAR) and mask rules”.
  • the rollout of booster doses which will be used by the government to “define each resulting restriction on activity based on its regional applicability
  • relaxed masking rules to incentivize good pandemic status
  • prioritize the granting of Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for Covid “vaccines”.
  • lifting of the public health emergency to encourage pharmaceutical companies to apply for CPR.

Editor’s Note: As you can clearly see, this proposal is very problematic. For one, the lifting of the public health emergency nulls the need for a “traffic light” system, masking, and the creation of restrictions based on booster doses. This proposal aims to restore the vitality of the economy while at the same time ensuring that people remain imprisoned in fear by a fake pandemic.

This proposal ignores the experience of other countries where life has already returned to normal. Moreover, the suggestion of granting CPRs for COVID shots ignores the fact that many people have been injured by these fake “vaccines”. [Also read What does it mean to put COVID shots into the routine immunization program?, Expert Thinks COVID Shots Should be Included In Philippines’ Routine Immunization Program].

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