February 29, 2024

Bill Gates’ New Book Bares Plan for Global Control


In this May 26, 2022 article for The Expose, Dr. Joseph Mercola offers a closer look at Bill Gates’ new book, How To Prevent The Next Pandemic. [We have published an initial coverage of this book, Bill Gates Proposes the Creation of a Global Pandemic Protection Team].

In his article, Mercola lays out the grim future planned by Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO). He says that the globalists are launching a “two-pronged attack” on national sovereignty. The first attack is in the form of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). [Read Sign the Petition: Refuse and Reject the WHO Powergrab That Would Lead to Global Medical Martial Law].

The second comes through the new international pandemic treaty which the WHO aims to finalize by 2024. [See World Council for Health Sounds Alarms on WHO’s pandemic treaty initiative, Matt Ridley: WHO Pandemic Treaty Would Leave the World at China’s Mercy].

Mercola says that the WHO model of pandemics could make any disease fit into a pandemic condition. Moreover, he adds that the pandemic treaty is based on the premise that “shared threat requires shared response”. But this is rarely the case. He says, “The WHO insists that the remedy is the same for everyone everywhere, yet the risks vary widely from nation to nation, region to region, person to person. They intend to eliminate individualized medicine and provide blanket rulings for how a given threat is to be addressed, and this can only result in needless suffering — not to mention the loss of individual freedom.”

Editor’s Note: We have decided to add this article to the website for two important reasons. First, it includes three important videos on Bill Gates’ book and how he intends to gain control over the world. One of these is an hour-long video from The Corbett Report which offers a chapter-by-chapter summary of Gates’ book. Another is a video of Bill Gates explaining his plans for a Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization team (GERM). If you have time, we encourage you to go to the actual site to access these videos.

Second, reading this article would appreciate the true importance of our success at stopping the IHR amendments from being confirmed [see WHO withdraws 12 of 13 IHR amendment proposals amid widespread opposition and BREAKING NEWS! WHO POWER GRAB STOPPED, STUNG BY MASSIVE GLOBAL RESISTANCE TO WORLDWIDE MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW, THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER, CONTINUE SIGNING OUR PETITION. IT IS OUR VOTE FOR DEMOCRACY].

The fight for freedom has begun. The global pushback that came during the May 2022 World Health Assembly and the ensuing decision from the WHO to rescind the IHR amendments is proof that together, we can effect change. We must not forget this lesson, and we must strengthen our resolve for the days to come. We still have a long way to go, but our liberty is within our grasp.

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