May 29, 2024

Public Seminar Episode 28: COVID and Ukraine


We are writing these descriptors of our various episodes for two reasons. First, we want to enable our followers and free subscribers in our different platforms to have an overview of the episodes they missed especially because Facebook removed the live stream record of our episodes.  Second, since the episodes are in the Filipino language, we want our global foreign audience to understand what we broadcasted.  Our foreign guests need only look at the more than 100 slides, on average, that accompany our Episodes. Through the slides, they can more or less have a sense of what we are covering in our Episodes.  We hope to finish these descriptors in a few weeks. 

Start of Summary of Ep. 28 

We start with introductory remarks regarding censorship and how to overcome it. We also talk briefly about Episode 28 and what it will contain. 

Covid Updates Before the Ukraine War

The broadcast starts with “Covid Updates Before the Ukraine War”. We show continuing evidence that the vaccinated are more infected and hospitalized than the vaccinated. Ultimately, according to official UK data, most of the deaths, as much as 90% are from the vaccinated. We show that the vast majority of deaths of the vaccinated are occurring within 30 days after vaccination and over 50% of the latter die before 14 days.  Also, Covid shots kill more people than flu shots. 

In the US, cases of infection, hospitalization, and deaths due to the vaccines are most likely greater. This is due to what we call “definitional magic”. The CDC defines the unvaccinated as one who, even if one has completed the required doses, has not reached 14 days after the last vaccination. In short, CDC can attribute the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to the unvaccinated even if the latter has been vaccinated with a deadly shot that kills a majority within 14 days after the final dose. 

A similar kind of fraud is perpetuated in the Philippines. According to IATF Resolution 123-C, we can draw out for kinds of Unvaccinated:

  • One who has not received any vaccine. 
  • One who only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine.  
  • One who received the second dose of a two-dose series but has not reached 14 days after the second dose. 
  • One who receives the first dose of a one-dose vaccine but has not reached 14 days after the first dose. 

Seen in this light, the pronouncements by the government of a pandemic of the unvaccinated are highly suspicious. Instead, based on the evidence, the Philippines has a pandemic of the vaccinated. And it is highly irresponsible for them to be luring young children to their harm including death with balloons and other kiddy delights. 

We then present a number of scientific findings, which explain these tragic numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. There is a scientific study that shows that SARS-CoV-2 can shed, causing infection in others. We show scientific proof for the nightmare that the mRNA is reverse-transcribed into DNA, which then incorporates itself into the genetic system of the cell. The vaccines are not vaccines but gene-altering technology. 

An executive at Bayer admits this. He said that the vaccines are “gene therapy” shots marketed as vaccines otherwise more than 90% will not take the shots if they knew these were not vaccines but gene therapy shots. However, We cannot even call this gene therapy. This is not therapy. This is poison being permanently incorporated and most likely expressed in future cell multiplications as designed. 

There is also that Pfizer CEO stated that the causative viral agent for COVID-19 was created in a lab. The lab origin of COVID-19 is further affirmed when the US Patent Office issued a patent to Modern for the toxic spike protein several years before the putative pandemic, indicating that Covid was a planned pandemic. The spike protein found in the putative virus is toxic and the “vaccine” injected to billions in the toxic spike protein itself but now in the form of billions of copies and engineered to be more toxic due to the addition of other ingredients. 

Then we take up the issue of excess deaths alarming insurance executives. We tackle the news of the under-reporting by the German regulatory agency of adverse side effects of the vaccines. CDC continues to be the Center for Death Concealment by refusing to publish the data of booster effectiveness involving 33 million Americans. 

Clearly, as we have said now for over a year, Covid mandates are not about our health. It is about control. The lockdowns and the vaccines are the instruments of control and global domination.

There is some good news. An insider is now challenging Pfizer’s fraudulent claims in court. The Supreme Court of New Zealand has just thrown out the mandatory vaccine policies of the country. The CDC has also surprisingly announced that 92% of the US can now stop using masks. Moderna’s stocks have also plunged by 45% in the past months. 

Pandemic of Media Censorship

So why do we not hear about all these scientific developments and hopeful news? The simple answer is this. We are in the midst of a pandemic of censorship. Both social and mainstream media are banning independent science platforms and scientists if the latter are not aligned with the narrative of the censors. The worst offenders are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others. Google, the owner of YouTube, has major investments in Big Pharma. There are also fraudulent scientists, journalists, and scientific journals that are bribed by billionaires. The US government also paid over $1 billion to pay social and mainstream media not to cover problems with the vaccines and instead advance vaccine propaganda. 

There are other forms of censorship. Fear appeal is one of them. One is made so fearful that one cannot think straight and inwardly censors one’s own independent thoughts if any. Countries launched “military-grade psychological operations” on their citizens. This has been widely admitted by governments and the media. 

Disinformation is another kind of censorship. One is censored from the truth through the misinformation that deflections one from the truth. In addition, disinformation programs one towards a belief that has no basis in reality. Disinformation is de facto programming and brainwashing. Example citizens are conditioned to take more booster shots because one has been lied to regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines and boosters. 

Violence is another form of censorship. One is either violently dispersed or handled because one does not accept the mainstream narrative that is being force-fed on the public. 

Finally, there is institutionalized censorship that is enforced by tyrannical laws and policies. In the US, one is deemed a terrorist if one questions mainstream media lies about vaccines. We share several examples of this kind of censorship which is the prelude to martial law. 

The New World Order (NWO) and Plans for World Domination

We are already showed earlier that the lockdowns and the vaccines are instruments of control and global domination. For this control to succeed, the NWO has to censor the truth, make out lies to be the truth, and suppress anyone to question that manufactured and manipulated truth. 

To stop this, we need to understand the plan of the NWO and how lockdowns and vaccinations, together with fear appeal and censorship, are essential elements of this plan. We outline this plan below. We encourage readers to view Episode 28 for a deeper explanation. 

The first is depopulation. According to NWO, there are too many people in the world. The vaccines will trim down the world population by killings billions of people. For those that survive, the NWO will control those that survive the vaccine slaughter through 24/7 surveillance on multiple platforms, and ultimately the world roll out of the Chinese-style social credit system. Once people are under control, the NWO will start dismantling democracies all over the world. They will place control in a global corporate aristocracy. Political leaders will be mere puppets. 

With individual and institutional control in place, the NWO will intensify their plan to slowly change the biology of humans through, among others, “vaccines” aka “gene alteration or genetic engineering. This is their “transhumanism” agenda. Transhumanism means to transcend our current status as organic humans. They want to slowly but surely transform us into human-machine hybrids, using artificial intelligence, among others. When the transhumanist transformation is done, it will usher in the extinction of the human species. They believe, mistakenly, that human consciousness can be embedded in a machine powered by artificial intelligence. 

The Relevance of Covid to Ukraine

The Covid experience of humanity is strategically relevant to the current war in Ukraine. 

First, humanity is now wiser. Humanity can now distinguish the truth from propaganda. This is why millions can now easily identify fake news. And we illustrate a lot of the fake news coming from all parties involved in the Ukraine war. Indeed, the “First Casualty of [any] War is the Truth”. All parties recognized the importance of the “story”, the “narrative” as part of the instruments of war. 

And those documentaries like “Ukraine on Fire” that would challenge the propaganda are censored. They are censored when they expose the Truth including the role of the US in toppling a Ukrainian president who was duly elected in an election. The crime of this Ukrainian President? He was friendly and open to the Russian. 

Despite the heavy fire of censorship and barrage of fake news, we show that Ukraine has Biolabs courtesy of the US; has Nazis that are in a powerful position in Ukraine; has the support of Facebook, which allows pro-Nazi messages to flourish in their platform if these messages are anti-Russian; values its relationship with George Soros who is proud that he helped to topple the democratic government of Ukraine; is the hotbed of Big Pharma. 

Meanwhile, China and Russia are becoming partners, and countries including Saudi Arabia are snubbing US President Biden.

As the fascination for the Ukraine propaganda starts to decline, censorship by Big Tech skyrockets to hysterical levels.  The once neutral DuckDuckGo search engine has joined the censorship team and Apple joins the censorship frenzy of Facebook, YouTube, and the other usual suspects. Even Domain providers including Namecheap are now censoring websites that do not toe the line. Russia is doing the same with threats of jail sentences for those who spread misinformation. 

Second, the world is also internalizing the reality that, behind both Covid and the war in Ukraine, stands the minions of the New World Order. This will have consequences for the agenda of the NWO, as more and more people will resist the different manifestations of the NWO plans! 

A World That Has Awakened

This awakening is manifested in different ways. One million homes have stopped paying the BBC, a prime purveyor of fake news. Senior officials are speaking out including the former head of France for the Covid vaccine policy. He called the latter ‘completely stupid’ and ‘unethical’. Even Macron is decrying Russophobia. The polls are showing that the majority of Americans think the US has a minor role in Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, doctors and citizens are closely watching the power grab attempt of the WHO in the form of a pandemic treaty. Such a treaty would turn the fraudulent WHO into a global medical dictator.

To help in this process of awakening, we recommend a number of alternative platforms for search engines, non-tracking browsers, encrypted email, free speech networks, no-censorship video platforms, and recommend the use of VPNs. We point to Reclaim the Net as a reliable source to take a closer look at these free speech and privacy-protecting platforms. 

 We end the broadcast by explaining a framework for respecting a diversity of action for each one concerned about the attack on our health, freedoms, and Truth, the decline of human civilization, and securing a viable positive future for humanity.

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