November 30, 2023

Spain’s eminent pharmacovigilance expert comments on country’s COVID vaccine policy: Mass vaccination was a global experiment


The following is a transcript of the testimony given by Dr. Joan-Ramón Laporte Roselló, one of Spain’s top experts in pharmacovigilance, to the Spanish Congress last February 7, 2022.

Dr. Roselló worked not only with the World Health Organization (WHO), but also with the European Medicines Agency (EMA). He is also part of the scientific panel of consultants for the French Medicines Agency and the French High Health Authority.

Some of the highlights of Dr. Roselló’s statements include the following:

  1. Vaccines are not true vaccines, they are only pharmacological treatments and are an unprecedented global pharmaceutical experiment.
  2. There is no data to conclude that vaccines save lives against Omicron.
  3. Vaccines have some serious adverse effects that have been and continue to be hidden.
  4. Pharma companies committed fraud in clinical trials. The clinical trials conducted by the pharmaceutical companies prior to commercial launch did not prove that the vaccines saved lives.
  5. Covid passports are useless because the vaccines do not prevent transmission at all. The passports have probably helped to increase transmission.
  6. A large number of drugs that are (and were before the pandemic) massively prescribed without justification for the elderly, increase the risk of pneumonia up to 5 times, which probably increased the vulnerability of the elderly when the pandemic hit [also read .

Editor’s Note: Dr. Roselló’s credentials calls into mind the many other experts who said the same thing as he did, and were systemically censored by social media and smeared by mainstream media [see France’s long-time vaccine policy chief: covid policy is “completely stupid” and “unethical”, Expert Immunologist Cautions People on the Efficacy and Safety of COVID Vaccines, Dr. Mike Yeadon: The pandemic is over, Martin Kuldorff: This is the reason why I spoke out against lockdowns, mRNA Inventor: Toxic Spike Proteins from COVID Jabs Often Cause Permanent Damage in Kids to name a few].

The attacks experienced by these experts have been unprecedented. But we continue to be thankful to people like Roselló who put their careers on the line to speak out against the unscientific policies of the government. His statements are proof that there is no real consensus for the use of vaccines to end this pandemic.

We encourage our readers to read the full transcript. By doing so, you will realize that he is no anti-vax. He is an expert in his field, speaking about the scientific truths he has discovered. If journalists still care for the truth, then the least they can do is to ask him questions and give him the platform to speak.

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