February 25, 2024

Countries move to ban road blockades ahead of planned Freedom Convoy in key European cities


Authorities in France and Belgium have banned road blockades in the hope of stopping the European Freedom Convoy from freezing economic activity in Paris and Brussels. According to the report, blocking traffic can lead to two years in prison, 4,500 Euros in fines, and a suspended driver’s license.

Meanwhile, Brussels has already set up a wide perimeter around the city to keep an excess number of trucks out of the city center. In a Twitter message, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close said that officials decided to ban the ”Freedom Convoy” protest because organizers failed to seek permission to hold the event.

The story on this has been published by the Associated Press on February 10, 2022.

Editor’s Note: As the Canadian Freedom Convoy is now on its second week, more and more citizens in other countries where there are vaccine mandates are starting to push back more forcefully. Weekly freedom protests are slowly being replaced by a real call to action: Freeze economic activity until all COVID restrictions including vaccine mandates are lifted.

The flurry of rollback in COVID restrictions, not only in the US but also in Europe are all proof that governments are afraid that a Freedom Convoy arrives on their doorstep. See how careful AP has been in reporting about the Canadian Freedom Convoy? Many mainstream media organizations have tried to underestimate the force of that protest, and they have all failed miserably at manipulating their audiences [see Canadian Prime Minister flees as 50,000 truckers arrive at Ottawa for Freedom Convoy].

The best they can do now is to try and stop the Convoys from starting in the first place, and they think that by once again using fear appeal, they can prevent people from demanding what is just. The question now is: are people going to back down, now that we have seen the power of a unified citizenry?

After GoFundMe shut down the fundraising campaign of the Freedom Convoy, the Canadian government is threatening alternative crowdfunding site, GiveSendGo to close the fundraiser. As can be seen in the tweet above, the Freedom Convoy fundraising continues contrary to the AP report.

If there is a lesson we can get from the Canadian Freedom Convoy, it is this: when citizens are united towards one goal, governments have no choice but to follow. They will try to use their police power against the united front, but as long as we act in peace, guided by the earnest desire to protect our humanity, then there is nothing that can stop us.

This is what governments have been afraid of all along. This was the reason they tried to pitch the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. But we are not enemies. We all desire the best for our countries and our children’s future. If our governments are not aligned with our objectives for ourselves and our communities, then they must be called out.

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