May 29, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister Says Second Booster Safe, Experts Say Otherwise


The following article was written by Aila Slisco and was published by Newsweek last January 4, 2022. It reports on the recent statements of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who said touted the preliminary results of an Israeli study.

Bennett said, “A week into the fourth dose, we know to a higher degree of certainty that the fourth dose is safe. The second piece of news: We know that a week after administration of a fourth dose, we see a five-fold increase in the number of antibodies in the vaccinated person”.

Some health experts, however, are raising caution. For example, Robert Wachter, chair of the department of medicine for the University of California at San Francisco said, “This is, at this point, probably more improv than science”. Some medical experts also discourage the taking of a second booster as additional research is needed.

The article also stresses that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not recommended a second booster (the fourth shot) and that the World Health Organization (WHO) has not even endorsed an initial booster.

Editor’s Note: This article is important because the author has unknowingly raised a number of important points. Here are a few of them:

  1. Countries that are rolling out booster shots are acting against the guidance of the WHO. Whose guidance, then, are they following?
  2. Israel is conducting a wide-scale experiment on its people. Is one week of “good results” enough to base life-changing decisions on whether to take the vaccine or not? Take note that there are clear dangers to these vaccines.
  3. Are you really going to gamble your life for the fourth time based on one week of data? Apparently, some people are willing to risk their life in exchange for the temporary feeling of safety. This shows us that some people who are so sold on the vaccine propaganda are no longer thinking. Could they be the same people who are fueling the hate against the vaccine-free?
  4. There is no consensus to booster shots. If your government says that there is, then they are lying to you.

We hope that this Newsweek article will be a wake up call for all of us Freedom Fighters. Yes, more and more people are awakening to the manipulation, but we must not stop. Governments have gone to the dark side.

Today, they might be using persuasion in Israel. But who’s to say that this will be the case moving forward? If the events in Germany and other European countries are indicators, it will only be a matter of time before state-sponsored discrimination against the vaccine-free will become official policy.

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