February 29, 2024

Missouri Judge Says County Health Orders are Illegal and Must be Lifted


In this November 23, 2021 article for The Hill, Maureen Breslin reports on a recent court ruling issued by a Missouri judge.

Cole County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Green struck down and rendered obsolete all health regulations implemented throughout Missouri.

The ruling states: “This case is about whether Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services regulations can abolish representative government in the creation of public health laws, and whether it can authorize the closure of a school or assembly based on the unfettered opinion of an unelected official. This court finds it cannot.”

Green adds, “Missouri’s local health authorities have grown accustomed to issuing edicts and coercing compliance. It is far past time for this unconstitutional conduct to stop”.

The ruling concludes a lawsuit filed by Ben Brown in 2020. It is unclear if the ruling will be appealed by the local health authorities, but Breslin notes that the health department must comply with the court ruling.

A copy of the court ruling may be accessed here: https://twitter.com/benbrowntweets/status/1463216679853477892?s=21

Editor’s Note: This court ruling is very important as it renders all covid restrictions null and void. This means that none of the covid restrictions imposed on Missouri, and the rest of the world, was ever valid.

Though this ruling is only for one county, its implications reverberate not only in the US but in all nations that continue to harass and oppress their citizens in the guise of a “health emergency”.

No government or public official can opine and decide to suspend our constitutional rights, not even in the case of a true public health emergency [which covid is not, see No Health Emergency: Coercive Mass Vaccinations Illegal. New Political Leaders Needed. Acts of Courage Necessary., GUIDEBOOK TO END LOCKDOWNS NOW: An Executive Summary by Nicanor Perlas].

The coercion we are seeing now is no longer about health, it is towards creating a compliant society that can be manipulated and herded towards a specific goal that is anti-human.

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