July 22, 2024

Covid Call to Humanity new video goes viral, partly banned by YouTube

Just yesterday, we published the four videos on our YouTube channel. Overnight, the channel received 300 new subscriptions and over 10,000 views.

As expected, we have experienced a number of problems in the publication of these videos. First, one of the videos was muted, with YouTube saying that it used a “copyrighted” soundtrack. We know that the track was available for free. Then one of the four videos was banned. We have also received news that we are being shadowbanned on Facebook. People cannot send Facebook messages which contained links pointing to our website. Some people were also reporting that they cannot attach the YouTube link to their Facebook posts.

Obviously, Big Tech is preventing us from reaching a larger audience. But don’t be dissuaded. We are now preparing to upload the same videos on several alternative video-sharing platforms so that you can continue to view and share them. If you want to keep updated with the latest COVID news being censored by mainstream and social media platforms, please sign up for our newsletter and subscribe to these video platforms:

Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/cch1333

Here is the first video we have published on this platform: https://www.brighteon.com/1612daa0-08db-4611-be6c-95741bc0da74

Here are the three videos which are still available on YouTube. Please share with as many people as possible.


1 thought on “Covid Call to Humanity new video goes viral, partly banned by YouTube

  1. Hello NICK,

    Got these videos posted on Telegram.
    Have taken the liberty to improve their audio as the echo(surround effect?) were really annoying.

    Please seriously consider being on Telegram yourself and also tell the others in CDC Ph too. Enough with ZOOM and VIBER tell them too. Telegram can now do livestream audio and video.

    I am aware CovidCallToHumanity.Org already has a channel (https://t.me/stayinghuman) but somehow Sarah don’t want to get comments so all her posts are just READ-ONLY. Come on. Be open with comments on posts.

    Hope to hear from you on Telegram!

    These CAPTCHAs are annoying. At the very least, please change them to be simple to do and not needing a MAGNIFYING GLASS just to be able to successfully do it. I use VPN so these are the annoying extra steps some sites do which I do understand. However, they don’t need to be VERY DIFFICULT.

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