July 24, 2024

Incentives have little impact on the vaccine-hesitant

Incentives have little impact on the vaccine-hesitant

This June 9, 2021 article from The Economist looks at the results of a survey conducted by the institution in partnership with YouGov which shows that incentives being implemented by states to boost vaccine uptake will only make a little dent in the number of Americans who refuse to take the vaccine.

The study shows that monetary incentives will be more effective, but only a little. Only 9% of the unvaccinated who were surveyed said that being entered into a $1 million lottery would change their mind. Receiving a guaranteed $100 would raise possible vaccine uptake to around 13% only. The study said that these results did not make a difference among both the poor and the rich. Republican voters said that even if Donald Trump tried to convince them to take the shot, this will not be enough to convince them to do so (the research suggests that most vaccine-hesitant Americans are Republicans).

Despite the disappointing results of the survey, The Economist said that it offered important insights on how to communicate with the vaccine-hesitant in the hopes of changing their mind about taking the vaccine.

Editor’s Note: These pro-vaccine institutions do not understand that vaccine-hesitant individuals are not simple-minded people. Some of them have friends and family members who have been vaccine-injured. Others have read a lot about the science of COVID, and are aware of the capacity of the immune system to protect against severe disease.

As this study has shown, people who seek to enlighten themselves are not easily swayed [this is the reason why self-education is the first step to ending lockdowns, see more at END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us].

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