June 23, 2021

Canadian Frontline Nurses release open letter condemning the systematic silencing of nurses

The following letter was released by the Canadian Frontline Nurses (CFN) last May 16, 2021. It is a response to a December 2020 statement by the Ontario College of Nurses (CNO) which forbids nurses from freely questioning any or all of the official coronavirus measures being imposed by the government.

In the letter, the CFN says, “We regard this recent statement of the CNO to be unethical, anti-science and deeply disturbing”. According to the CFN, CNO’s statement violates their duty to their patients in three ways:

  • The denial of the scientific method.
  • Violation of the nurses’ code of conduct.
  • Violation of duty of informed consent.

The CFN admonished the CNO saying, “By ordering nurses to be silent and follow only on narrative, or else face discipline and censure, the CNO is asking us to violate our conscience, our professional ethics, and the scientific pursuit of truth”.

Editor’s Note: It is refreshing to see official statements from health care professionals pushing back against the mainstream narrative. It shows us that we are not alone in our position that there is no COVID emergency, and hence, no need for freedom-curtailing measures.

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