January 29, 2023

Open Letter from Physicians to Universities: Allow Students Back Without COVID Vaccine Mandate

The following open letter was written by Dr. Paul M. Kempen, on behalf of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). It was published on April 24, 2021, and was addressed to the Deans, Governing Boards, and Trustees of colleges and universities in the United States.

In this letter, Dr. Kempen asks leaders of educational institutions to reverse their policies mandating students to take the experimental COVID vaccines before returning to campus. Dr. Kempen says that the policy “coerces students into bearing unneeded and unknown risk”. He further states that such a policy is contrary to the medical principle of informed consent.

Dr. Kempen goes on to state 15 reasons why the policy needs to be reversed. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Young and healthy adults are at extraordinary low risk for COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.
  • The COVID injections are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat, cure or prevent any disease at this time. Clinical trials will continue for at least two years before the FDA can consider a full approval of these injections.
  • The COVID injections being rolled out have considerable adverse effects, including deaths.
  • College-age women may be at unique risk for adverse events, citing cases of blood clots, interruption in menstrual cycles, and miscarriages.
  • Recent research is showing that spike proteins, induced by the COVID injections, are the primary cause of disease, infirmity, hospitalization, and death.
  • Mandatory vaccination policies discriminate against individuals who aren’t candidates for the injections or are otherwise exercising their free will to choose whether to participate or not in the optional vaccine experiment.
  • Colleges and universities should consider whether they might be liable for damages, poor health outcomes, and loss of life due to mandatory vaccination policies.

Editor’s Note: Vaccination is a personal prerogative. There is no scientifically valid reason for allowing universities and colleges to prevent unvaccinated students from continuing their learning.

Governments should create a permanent ban on mandatory vaccination, as no institution should impede on a person’s individual right to make a decision for their own health.

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