June 25, 2024

Germany’s Merkel forced to cancel Easter lockdown after facing widespread resistance


German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to cancel the planned lockdowns during the Easter holiday after a huge public uproar. This March 24, 2021 article from RT covers this story.

In a video call with state premiers, Merkel said that she was dropping the 5-day lockdown which would have shuttered all businesses and church services.

Editor’s Note: Angela Merkel is a scientist. If lockdowns were the only way to curb the “third wave”, then she would have fought tooth and nail to make it happen. But she didn’t, and this can have huge implications. Either Merkel has succumbed to political pressure, or she knew that lockdowns were no longer necessary. Either way, this news must be celebrated as it shows that a united citizenry can have an effect government policy.

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