May 25, 2024

US data show masks make no impact on COVID spread


In this March 7, 2021 article published by WND, we see a graph of daily COVID cases in the US overlaid with the data on mask wearing collected by YouGov. Based on the graph, we see clearly that the cases rose and fell even as mask wearing remained consistent.

The article also shows that despite the difference in mask mandates, COVID cases in North and South Dakota followed almost the same pattern [North Dakota has strict mask mandates while South Dakota imposed no coronavirus restrictions to its citizens, see South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem: COVID didn’t crush the economy, governments did].

The article goes on to list several evidences showing that masks do not work, as well as a listing of states that have reopened.

Editor’s Note: Why are we using face masks again? It is important to remember why, otherwise it will become a norm that we no longer question.

We knew from the beginning of this so-called pandemic that masks made no difference in controlling the virus. In fact Dr. Anthony, the US’ current mask advocate, said “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”[1] The World Health Organization did not recommend the use of masks in the general population, and evidences from decades before this “pandemic” showed that masks could not prevent viral spread [see What does the WHO say about masking?]. What happened with the established science? How was it overturned in just a couple of weeks?

If a scientific study proving the effectiveness of masks has been made, we have not yet read and assessed it. [As we go to publication, the CDC apparently released a mask study showing that masks work. In a review of this study Del Bigtree reveals mask mandates only led to a 1.8% decrease in COVID cases, watch ]. Those who claim that masks says that it is “common sense”. But common sense is not acceptable, not when masking has become universal and is now becoming a tool of coercion [check out your social media and discover how non-maskers are being harassed by mask-advocates]. To date, the most thorough study of masking supports the conclusion of the article below [see Danish mask study now published: Masks do not reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection].

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