May 26, 2024

Mandatory vaccination bill passed on second reading by Lower House


This February 2, 2021 article published by CNN reports on the approval of a bill proposing to expand the government’s mandatory vaccination program for all life stages. The new bill will repeal the Children’s Health Immunization Act of 2011 and will include all ages and more vaccine-preventable diseases. New vaccines listed under the bill includes rotavirus, Japanese encephalitis, the human papilloma virus, rubella, tetanus, among others. The bill will also require the government to offer free vaccines in public hospitals and facilities. The bill does not specify penalties for those who will decline immunization.

Editor’s Note: Why is the government suddenly changing its decades-old immunization program to include mandatory vaccination for adults? Why is it including mandatory vaccination for diseases which are not a problem in the Philippines?

We must remember that as independent citizens of this country, we have the right to refuse vaccines and medical interventions and procedures we assess to be in contradiction to our health goals for ourselves and our children. The bill must clarify that the changes are intended to mandate government to supply the vaccines, and not to force citizens to take these vaccines. Moreover, this bill must not be used by employers and businesses to prevent access to their services.

To date, we have not yet found a public draft of the bill.

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