February 25, 2024

In this article by the Associated Press, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that Americans will likely need to wear face masks and continue to socially distance to protect themselves even after the vaccine becomes available.

Editor’s Note: Again, authorities are using Dr. Fauci’s statement to support the move towards “the new normal”. For us, however, it triggers so many questions: why are we waiting for the vaccine? Why aren’t we utilizing the decades of research in immunology which shows that human immunity has the capacity to naturally protect us from viruses? Why aren’t we teaching people how to build their own immunity? Why are governments still utilizing the information from March 2020 when so many new developments and discoveries about the new coronavirus has already been published?

Why then are governments like the UK, US, and the Philippines vetting their country’s future on a vaccine that has no capacity to eliminate this virus? Why are countries waiting for an unsafe vaccine [see AstraZeneca pauses clinical trials due to safety issue and A touted COVID-19 vaccine has already harmed people]? Most importantly, why are countries panicking about a virus which has a lower death rate than the flu, with a recovery rate of 96%, and where 99% of those afflicted with the disease have mild to moderate symptoms which are easily treatable? [Also read CDC updates planning scenarios, shows IFR lower than flu].

Image from Worldometers. Data as of October 8, 2020.

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