May 30, 2024

Dr. Scott Atlas accuses media of spreading partial truths about the coronavirus


In this interview with Fox News, Dr. Scott Atlas, White House coronavirus adviser said that the partial truths being pedalled by the media is very damaging. Atlas adds that the fault also lays on public health officials who have not come forward to explain the new developments in COVID-19 research. To close, Atlas says, “The data is out there, and we don’t all have to be paralyzed with fear. We have to do very, very diligent protection of the people who are vulnerable, and those are usually older people with other comorbidities, and we need to open because we know the harms of not opening.”

Editor’s Note: As early as April, all data and science was already telling us so many things about this coronavirus. If our leaders only stopped to listen to true experts (and not arm chair doctors), then they would have seen what we saw early on [see Briefing Paper]. Meanwhile, if a bit of investigative journalism was performed by the media, then they would have been able to connect the dots more effectively, and their reporting would have been more balanced. It is, after all, possible to ingrain in people the possibility of a disease, without frightening them into submission.

The “head-on collision” between different experts have made things worse, as experts are competing to get more airtime. Pride and the need for the appearance to be correct have left citizens in panic, with many thinking that COVID-19 is so deadly, a whiff of the virus could actually kill you. As countries try to reopen their economies, they are now feeling the backlash of the fear-focused reporting of the media. People are still afraid, and the media must take responsibility for contributing to this hysteria.

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