July 22, 2024

Medical doctors and lawyers band together to reclaim professional autonomy, human identity and sovereignty

Medical doctors and lawyers band together to reclaim professional autonomy, human identity and  sovereignty

An event called the Medical and Ethical Emergency Deliberation (MEED) was held last September 11, 2020 at the Netherlands. The event was limited to doctors and lawyers only.

According to their website, the “[r]esult and goal of the M.E.E.D. will be a solid ethical and legal international convention which will form a foundation for future policies and actions, rooted in independent science and truth”.

The organizers assert that there are currently three experiments being conducted on humanity today: (1) the oppressive coronavirus measures which are causing destructive economy, physical, and psychological effects on society, (2) a potential dna alterning vaccine is about to be rolled out universally, and (3) the roll out of EMF radiation despite the clear scientific proof of its negative biological effects.

Attached below is a video interview of Heiko Schöning, explaining the rationale behind MEED, as well as the website of the event [We shall publish the results of the event once they become available].

Editor’s Note: The extent of misinformation and censorship of dissenting opinion about the coronavirus is showing us that there is a concerted effort to bury the truth. The more important question we must ask is why? What will the orchestrators gain if they successfully rid us of all critical thinking? What kind of future are they trying to build?

Collaborative events like the MEED is important because it offers to us hope that indeed, people are awakening to the truth that someone, somewhere, wants to curtail our humanity.

Medical doctors, lawyers, and other experts are doing their best to reclaim our freedom. We must be ready to rise up and fight alongside them, for this is a battle that can only be won when a majority of humanity finally decides to reclaim our collective dignity, identity, and sovereignty. It a battle we must face with eyes wide open [also read END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us].

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