May 28, 2024

The silent pandemic: rape and domestic violence


In this article published on June 17, 2020, by Vera Files, author Elizabeth Lalorga talks about the increased incidence of rape and domestic violence during the lockdown, when victims were trapped inside homes with their abusers. The article cites the Philippine National Police report which recorded 602 rape cases from March 17 to May 23.

Editor’s Note: Being in an abusive relationship is bad enough, imagine being trapped with your abuser.  The Vera Files article shows us that lockdowns are not the same for everyone. For some families, it meant finally having time to dine and watch movies together. For others, however, it meant endless days of torture.

This is one of the realities that were not considered when lockdowns were imposed. And to this day, many of these women and children may still be trapped inside with their abusers as the Philippine government has failed to completely lift all quarantine restrictions. What irreparable damage in their mental health and general well-being will this cause them?

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