October 4, 2023

Sweden’s COVID-19 experience from the eyes of a Swedish doctor


In his article posted August 4, 2020 in his blog, Dr. Sebastian Rushworth says that the pandemic is over in Sweden. He says that he hasn’t seen a single COVID patient in over a month and at the time he wrote his article, Sweden was registering 5 COVID deaths per day in the entire country [today, that figure has dropped even lower at 1 COVID death per day, see Sweden is winning against the coronavirus].

Dr. Rushworth goes on to explain why he thinks that Sweden has reached herd immunity even when tests show that only a small percentage of the population having antibodies. He also predicts that cases in countries that locked down will increase as quarantines are lifted, and says that lockdowns failed and countries will end up with the same number of deaths anyway. 

Editor’s Note: Sweden is back to normal. Meanwhile several countries lauded for their COVID-19 response earlier are now grappling with increasing infections [this has been predicted early on, see Dr. Knut Wittkowski: A second wave of coronavirus infections will come as a direct result of social distancing and self isolation]. We have destroyed our economies and societies for nothing, and we continue to do so as countries keep denying the success of Sweden’s strategy, and the failure of lockdowns. Why our governments keep this up is beyond logic. 

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