December 6, 2023

In this article for Medium, Mike Hearn asserts that as long as there is no active discussion regarding the false positives generated by molecular tests such as the RT-PCR, COVID-19 and the interventions implemented to control it, will never end.

Hearn relates the experience of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in 2006, where thousands of hospital staff were quarantined after testing positive for Bordetella pertussis, the bacteria known to cause whooping cough. After comparing the PCR test with a definitive test, it was found that the molecular test failed 100%. None of the employees had whooping cough, and were instead afflicted by ordinary respiratory illnesses.

Hearn says the experience of Dartmouth is commonplace, as it is also a consensus that no scientific measurement is absolute, hence the need for a definitive test. Unfortunately, in the case of COVID-19, both government and public health officials have placed full confidence with molecular tests and regarded their error rate to be zero. This, Hearn says, is where the problem lies. With the increasing number of tests being done in countries, and the false positive rate of testing still being disregarded, Hearn assures us that COVID-19 cases will never go away, even if the virus itself has already disappeared.

Editor’s Note: Hearn’s work echoes the ideas and evidences presented by the article RT-PCR tests are scientifically meaningless. The difference is that Hearn now has the data from at least one country which shows us that the so-called “second wave” is no more than a by-product of increased testing. Moreover, Hearn’s discussion highlights the extent of the issue with RT-PCR testing, as the evidence he presented are showing that the virus is virtually gone from Spain, despite the increasing number of “infections” in the country.

In a new blog, Nicanor also tackled the increasing number of infections, and why this should not cause panic. To read about this, see No Need To Panic Over Infection Numbers: Deaths Continue To Decrease.

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