May 30, 2024

Representatives from various medical societies now part of the Philippines’ pandemic task force


Following the call medical community’s call for timeout last August 2, 2020, representatives from various medical societies have been included in the technical panel for crafting the “whole of nation approach”. According to Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles, the inclusion of medical experts is due to the President listening to their sentiments. The expert panel is due to submit their recommendations to the president Thursday, August 6, 2020.

Editor’s Note: We laud the medical community’s courage to speak up against the government’s inadequate handling of the pandemic. Now that they have become part of the expert panel crafting the country’s pandemic response plan, we hope they bring with them a new point of view which considers the new discoveries about the coronavirus, the treatments being used to deal with COVID-19, and the international experience.

We have such high expectations for this new panel, for a new, more hopeful narrative to come to light. We also hope that before any plan is submitted to the national IATF, a consultation with other doctors will be conducted so that a true collective intelligence, and a creative solution to our current dilemma can be found.

The solution to our problem will require a change in mindset, and the proof that change is necessary has been supported by scientific evidence and international data. The solution is within our midst, if we only do a bit of research outside social media, and if we apply critical thinking.

We hope that their inclusion in the panel will not serve to legitimize the lengthening of lockdowns and further decay of civil liberties in the country. Let us remember the case of Sweden, and let us demand for the end of the lockdown [see Sweden Is Winning Against COVID and Sweden’s COVID Death Rate Now Lower Than Spain, Italy, And UK Despite No Lockdown].

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