May 26, 2024

Preventing the next pandemic


A new report published by the United Nations Environment Program says that our responses to the coronavirus will not prevent the emergence of future pandemics as they are designed to address only the health and economic symptoms of the true problem. 

The report shows that even before COVID-19, zoonotic diseases already claim the lives of more than 2 million people annually. Many of those who perish come from disadvantaged communities. 

The report proposes the use of the “one health” approach which acknowledges the unity of human, animal, and environmental health. 

Editor’s Note: The coronavirus is a product of a systemic challenge. It is a result of  a limited worldview.

If the one health approach will ever succeed, we must de-program ourselves from the this old, destructive worldview so that we may appreciate and understand the emerging potential for a society that is nurturing and life giving. [De-programming ourselves from a dying worldview begins with the quest for knowledge. Take the first step by reading END THE LOCKDOWNS! Stop It Outside By Ending the Lockdowns Inside Us].

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