June 25, 2024

Corporate media is weaponized infotainment meant to control us


In this March 15, 2020 article for Vision Launch, Marc Zorn explores how corporate media is influencing our lies, and preprogramming our minds to accept their agenda. 

Zorn says that there is a major flaw in the business model of corporate media. Though they profess to “serve” citizens by offering an insight to the latest news happening in countries and around the world, their greater goal is really to bring in profit for their parent companies – not the well being and empowerment of normal citizens. 

The author also looks at how the government has utilized media to control the narrative. Critical thinkers are shamed and discredited, hence preventing truly revolutionary ideas from threatening the status quo.

Editor’s Note: The role of corporate media in controlling the narrative has become so glaring during this pandemic. Despite the liberating discoveries about the coronavirus, corporate media continues to sow fear by focusing their reporting on the number of cases and number of death. 

Recent developments in the US and UK has failed to reach the mainstream [see CDC‘S New Covid-19 Planning Document Shows Death Rate Much Lower Than WHO Estimates, COVID-19 No Longer A High Consequence Infectious Disease] because corporate media refused to cover them. Media has romanticized lockdowns, but has failed to look at how it has endangered entire societies and economies.

The combination of sensationalized corporate news and censored Big Tech has created a new kind of prison for the modern human being. The only way we can get out of this created world is by turning off mainstream news, going out of Big Tech, and actively seeking for truth outside these platforms. 

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