April 12, 2024

Why Censorship is Backfiring on Big Tech


Censorship is a major concern because limited information reduces the understanding of an issue because the picture is incomplete. In this article for Vision Launch, Marc Zorn looks at the many impacts of censorship and why it is dangerous, especially when it is implemented during a time of crisis. Zorn says that censorship prevents people from seeing new perspectives, which by extension, stunts their capacity to grow and develop, and in the case of the coronavirus, prevents leaders from finding appropriate solutions.

Zorn says that the pandemic has highlighted the ever-increasing censorship happening in Big Tech media. More people are noticing posts and videos being taken down by social media platforms, and they are slowly realizing that censorship is no longer about keeping these platforms “safe”. 

Using the banned YouTube video of Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi which garnered more than 1 million views as an example, Zorn says that people are now actively seeking other platforms that allow free speech to flourish.

Editor’s Note: Censorship has become so obvious for individuals who used to use social media as a major source of news. As these Big Tech companies attempt to control truth, new programs and applications are being developed and released to facilitate the mass migration out of these platforms. We are no longer powerless against Facebook and Google. 

We shall write about the available options for secure, free speech media in future articles. [Censorship has no place in a truly free society. To understand this better, read The Pandemic Of Censorship].

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