April 12, 2024

Full lockdowns had no impact on COVID-19


Did full lockdowns help slowdown the spread of the coronavirus in Italy,France, Spain, and the United Kingdom? This was the question Thomas A.J. Meunier set out to answer in his new article published by medRxiv

Using a phenomenological method based on the official statistics of the four countries above, Meunier says that lockdowns did nothing to control the spread of COVID. In fact, Meunier argues that lockdowns caused the slowdown of the decay of the disease. 
Meunier says social distancing measures were as effective as home containment policies, and no lives were actually saved with the implementation of full lockdowns. 

Editor’s Note: Now that many European countries have re-opened, we have data to assess whether lockdowns have truly been effective at controlling COVID-19 outbreaks. Meunier is not alone in saying that the lockdown did not have any significant impact on the spread of the disease [see Why You Haven’t Caught COVID-19 Yet, JP Morgan Research: Lockdowns Failed To Alter The Course Of The Pandemic, Results Of The European Lockdown Experiment Are In]

This has at least two implications. First, if your country (or locality) is still on a lockdown, you must demand its lifting as soon as possible. Second, if a second wave ever comes, lockdowns should not be implemented again. Instead, educational campaigns on how citizens can better protect themselves from the virus (boosting of immunity, better hygiene, physical distancing, etc.) are better solutions. 

Evidence shows us that lockdowns cause more harm than benefits, and now this article tells us that lockdowns did not save lives like we used to believe. Are we going to continue sacrificing the wellbeing and economic capacity of our citizens for an experiment that failed? With all these evidences against lockdowns, the refusal to lift it can only be due to three  reasons: fear, lack of knowledge, or an ulterior motive. 

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