December 5, 2023

Experts: The code that led to lockdowns was a “buggy mess”


The model that has led the UK to change its COVID-19 strategy and has caused many more countries to implement lockdowns was based on a buggy and messy code. Experts have finally seen the original code following Neil Ferguson’s resignation, and some developers are saying that it is unreadable. 

But the problem isn’t just with the messy coding. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh reported that it was impossible to reproduce the same results from the same data and the same code. 

Experts are now raising concern: why did the government choose to use a model that did not receive the basic scientific concensus. 

Editor’s Note: Neil Ferguson’s model single-handedly destroyed the world’s economy. Even those countries that did not impose lockdowns are bound to experience a contraction of their economic indices. 

Now that it has been found that the model was defective, who will be accountable for the damage it has caused? 

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