May 29, 2024

Covid-19 Vaccine fiasco: Danger ahead


In this article for Signs of The Times, Robert Kennedy Jr. reports on the outcome of Moderna’s human trials. Citing a recent press release by the company, Kennedy highlights that three of the volunteers for the corona vaccine developed Grade 3 systemic events which are defined by the FDA as “preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention”. Moreover, Kennedy said that Moderna’s Phase 1 findings only included reports for eight (out of the 15) participants.

Editor’s Note: In a previous article published on this website [see Is it possible to produce a COVID-19 vaccine in the next few months?] we already knew the dangers of cutting corners in vaccine development. This article is simply a confirmation of that knowledge [see 60+ Doctors And Educators Release Statement On The Situation Of Children And Adolescents During The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic to know about the other issues surrounding reliance on a vaccine to resolve the outbreak].

Vaccine development processes have ensured safety. If companies are going to circumvent the process because there is an “emergency”, how can they ensure the cure will not cause greater damage than the illness? What pushes companies to scramble for the development of a coronavirus vaccine despite its dangers to human life?

Science already shows us that a vast majority of those who are infected with the SARS-COV-2 are likely to recover. Several researches already show that our own immune system can fight against the virus [see Our Immune System Can Fight Back], so if we are healthy, our body will take care of the threat naturally.

If vaccines cause one-fifth of recipients to lose the capacity for daily activity and lead them to require medical intervention, why then do we bother spending time and resources on something that cannot guarantee a universal positive result? At this rate of adverse impact, over one billion people will be compromised.

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