May 30, 2024

How to stay healthy in the time of COVID-19


The following article was published by Greenpeace Philippines in March to educate Filipinos on how we can keep healthy amidst the community quarantine and the anxiety brought about by the coronavirus. 
Some suggestions on how we can boost our immune system include the following: hydrate, get enough sleep, get moving, and keep calm and stay positive. The article also listed suggestions from Dr. Ronaldo Balburias which focused on eating vegetables and improving gut health. 

Editor’s Note: We have already discussed why it is important to boost our immune system during this pandemic [see Our Immune System Can Fight Back]. We have also published articles which explains how exercising [see Should You Exercise During This Time Of COVID?] and keeping calm and positive [see Here’s Why You Must Avoid Stress During This Time Of COVID-19] can boost your immune system. 

Future articles offering deeper explorations on the other suggestions featured on this article will also be published so that we gain a better understanding on how these recommendations can improve the immune system, and protect ourselves from disease.  Our hope is that by publishing these articles, you will learn to make the best decisions for your own health.

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