June 20, 2024

The Scientist Behind Sweden’s Controversial Coronavirus Strategy Weighs in on the Effectiveness of the Approach


As the number of Swedish deaths because of the coronavirus goes beyond the 1,000 mark, many are already expecting the country’s change of strategy – from a relatively lenient approach to a country-wide lockdown.

In this interview with Nature, Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell continues to defend the approach, saying that closing borders is “ridiculous” especially since the virus is now found in every other country in Europe. Tegnell also says that he is confident that schools will continue to stay open, and that he is very satisfied with the results of the strategy.

Read the article below to better understand the Swedish approach.

Editor’s Note: While many in the world are concerned over Sweden’s death toll, authorities in Sweden continue to see the benefits of their strategy. Our team actually charted the growth rate of daily infections in Sweden. We found it is significantly decreasing. (See table created by our team below).

And though the approach cannot be applied in every other country in the world, we can determine from Tegnell’s interview the extent of research and deliberation they had to conduct before the strategy was implemented.

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