May 25, 2024

Danish parents refuse to send their children to school after government lifts lockdown


After a month of lockdown, Danish authorities have finally re-opened schools and day care centers. The decision came as infectious diseases experts recognize that new infections in school-age children are unproblematic as very few fall ill, and those who do don’t get very sick. 

Despite the strict guidelines imposed to prevent a second wave of infections coming from schools, parents are ignoring the government with many choosing to keep their children at home. 

Editor’s Note: The reality is, every other sector in the society can ask the same question as Danish parents are asking: why should they go out first when there is no guarantee for safety? 

This dilemma is due to the fear and panic brought about by country-wide lockdowns. It is an indication of how strongly the Germ Theory grips our societies, and how very little we know about the Integral Theory of Health [this theory has been introduced in this website through these two articles:Gregg Braden: Our Bodies Know How To Fight COVID-19 and Happiness And Health: What’s The Connection?].

People think that vaccines are the solution to COVID-19. And yet, we all know that it will take at least a year to develop a vaccine safe for mass production. Are we willing to give up a year of our lives (and our children’s lives) waiting for this vaccine, when there is another solution?

Moreover, people don’t realize that there are still a number of outstanding issues surrounding vaccines, its effectiveness, and its negative side effects [This is a topic we shall delve deeper into later on].

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