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Happiness and health: what’s the connection?

In this 10-minute video for Be Inspired, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how psychoneuroimmunology works through his own research. Lipton asserts that the body, like the cell, can only be in a state of growth or protection, not both. When the body is in a state of protection, stress signals are released, and several physiological responses may […]

Central importance of avoiding fear Inner conditioning Psycho-Neuro Immunology

Panic increases the risk for COVID-19

In this article for Psychology Today, Alane Daugherty explains the connection between our emotional and physical health. Daugherty says that unrelenting stress, anxiety, and depression reduces our immune system’s capacity to fight against viruses and could lead to greater susceptibility to COVID-19.  Daugherty also offers some suggestions on how we can calm our nerves, and improve […]