February 21, 2024

Happiness and health: what’s the connection?


In this 10-minute video for Be Inspired, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how psychoneuroimmunology works through his own research. Lipton asserts that the body, like the cell, can only be in a state of growth or protection, not both. When the body is in a state of protection, stress signals are released, and several physiological responses may be identified: it shuts off growth, it shuts off the immune system, and it creates more stress. 

Lipton goes beyond the current premise of the field of psychoneuroimmunology which says that the way we perceive stimulants in our environment determines whether we will strengthen or impair our immune system. For Lipton, purely removing the stress which causes disease does not immediately bring growth and health.

Editor’s Note: In this talk, Bruce Lipton highlights the importance of actively seeking wellbeing. Removing the stress is not a sustainable solution, but seeking those that nourish and promote joy and happiness, may reverse the damage due to stress and disease.

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