Public Seminar Episode 10: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of the end has many meanings.

It is a scamdemic whose beginning is connected with the lack of decisive isolation/purification of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We have Christine Massey walk us through this problem. She explains that more than 25 countries and over 100 institutions have all admitted they have not isolated/purified the virus.

This problem escalates because this then leads to false test results as the reference virus to determine positive test results does not exist. Thus begins the pandemic of false tests.

This then leads to fear-mongering about the many “cases”, which are mostly false positives.

Christine covers all the consequences in Part 1 of this episode until our current problem of extreme and tyrannical covid measures. Part II deals with the latest updates especially focused on the reality of the current Pandemic of the Vaccinated where the most vaccinated countries are also the leading causes of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. So under this massive vaccine failure, why do governments force and rush the vaccines on their citizens especially the children and the teenagers? Part III of this Episode then deals with how Filipinos can stop this madness.

Episode 10 thus sees the announcement of the birth of the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT). A diverse of actions of resistance is laid out and framed in a way that shows how such actions, no matter how small, are part of the greater web of resistance. When these highly decentralized waves of resistance are strong enough, then they can cascade to a national day of protests.

It will be a “HOT” November.

And the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines will experience the reality of massive resistance from millions of citizens worldwide who have awakened to the reality that they are now in the middle of medical martial law.

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